We are an interdisciplinary research lab focused on photochemistry and materials science. Students in the lab are affiliated with the Center for Photochemical Sciences  and the Center for Great Lakes and Watershed Studies.

Our vision is to create an inclusive lab of collaborative researchers who are part of a community.

 Our research is inspired by the interactions of metal ions in natural systems. We focus on the fundamental photochemistry of metal-coordination interactions in polymers, and are interested in understanding how these photochemical reactions affect the mechanical properties of the materials. In addition, we use this photochemistry as inspiration, creating new photo-responsive materials. We use coordination complexes, polymers, and nanoparticles in the design of these materials. We have designed photoresponsive materials for wastewater treatment and sustainable bioplastics, and are investigating how the metal ion coordination affects degradation and mechanical properties of the materials. We are also interested in how these biodegradable materials can influence nutrient cycling, plant growth, and microbial communities at the agricultural/watershed interface, particularly in coastal systems like the Great Lakes.

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mail to: Ostrowski lab,
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Bowling Green, OH 43403

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Jan. 1; Welcome new lab group member Fatima to the lab!

Feb. 16th: Welcome new group member Ebenezer Adom!


Sept. 23: Congrats to Kalani, her 1st-author paper on V coordination hydrogels is published in ACS Applied Bio Materials!

Jul 13: Ankit’s paper is now available in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Jun. 17; Congrats to Ankit! His first first-author paper is accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Apr. 21; Watch lab member Cori Byrge present at The Hatch tonight!

Apr. 9; Congratulations to Kalani for the Jill Carr Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

Apr. 8; Congratulations to Carina on a 1st place paper award at the Shanklin Symposium!

Apr. 5; Governor DeWine visits BGSU and learns about our hydrogel materials.

Jan. 14; Our lab’s first all-women author paper is now available online in ACS Applied Polymer Materials.


Dec. 23; Congrats to grad student Cori Byrge who was selected as a 2022 Hatchling.

Dec. 20; Congrats to Carina, her first-author paper on V coordination in polysaccharide films is accepted in ACS Applied Polymer Materials.

Dec. 17; Congrats to group member Hope Brown who graduated with a BS in Biochemistry!

Dec. 7; Dr. Ostrowski presents IP for Ohio Pitch X.

Dec. 3; Welcome new group member Shabna to the group!

June 24; Our newest paper in collaboration with the Keleher Research group is available online in ACS Applied Bio Materials

May 30; Welcome new lab group member Irene!

Apr. 13; Kalani has been awarded the BGSU Outstanding RA Award. Congratulations to Kalani!

March 19 Congrats to undergrad Hope Brown who has been awarded a summer research fellowship!

Feb. 11; Our paper is now available online in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences

Jan. 21; The USDA SBIR grant to our collaborators is recommended for funding!


Dec. 30; Our paper is accepted for publication in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences

Sept 3; Undergrad Hope receives a CURS grant for her research. Congratulations Hope!

Sept 2; Jayan and Kerri’s paper is published online!

Aug. 20; Congrats to Dr. Karunarathna and former undergrad Kerri Bailey on their paper accepted in ACS Omega!

July 8; Our lab is officially back up and running.. just a little more socially distant.

May 15; Congratulations to both Dr. Jayan Karunarathna and Dr. Travis Green on their official graduation! PhDone!

May 6; Congrats to group member Carina Haddad who is now a PhD candidate after passing her preliminary exam.

Apr. 10; Learn more about our research on “A Phosphate fix”

Apr. 7; Congratulations to the now Dr. Travis Green and Dr. Jayan Karunarathna on their successful dissertation defenses.

Mar. 30; Our research is featured in the Toledo Blade!

Mar. 13; Our lab is officially closed due to COVID-19 lockdown. Stay safe everyone!

Mar. 3; Welcome new research assistant Cori Byrge to the group!

Jan. 28: We welcome new group member, Undergrad Hope Brown.

Jan. 13; Travis’s paper on “Invisibility cloaks and hot reactions..” is now available online.


Dec. 29: Travis’s paper is accepted for publication in J.Chem.Ed!

Dec. 15; Congratulations to Derek who graduates with a BS degree in Chemistry.

Nov. 6; Our recent publication is selected as a Front Cover of the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry.

Oct. 24; Jayan receives the PPG Best Poster award at the Michigan Macromolecular Symposium!

Oct. 14; Jayan is selected as the student speaker at the 43rd Michigan Macromolecular Symposium.

Aug 15; Jayan’s paper is published online. Congrats to him and all the undergrad student authors, especially Zach and Kerri!

May 17; Undergrad Kerri Bailey graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Congrats!

April 18; Jayan wins 1st place poster award and Travis wins 3rd place poster award at the BGSU Shanklin Symposium.

Apr 16; Congratulations to undergrad Derek Mast on receiving a Department of Chemistry summer undergrad research fellowship

Jan 28; Welcome undergrad Derek to the group!


Aug. 27;  Dr. Ostrowski is officially promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure!

June 15; Postdoc Dr. Amie Norton’s photo on Everyday Fluorescence is featured for #FluorescenceFriday

April 25;  Undergrad Kerri Bailey is awarded a CURS summer research fellowship

April 9; BGSU awards Dr. Ostrowski with the Outstanding Early Career Award.

April 6; Grad student Jayan Karunarathna was accepted to the ACS Green Chemistry summer school.

Feb. 28; Dr. Ostrowski’s Chemistry in Pictures “Crystal Landscape” wins Grand prize.

Jan 20; Congrats Anton, Kirill and Filipp. Their paper is accepted in the Journal of Polymer Science Polymer Chemistry

Jan 10; Welcome the newest group members graduate student Carina and undergrad Kerri to the lab


Dec. 1; Welcome our new postdoc to the lab, Dr. Amie Norton

Nov. 10; Anton defends his dissertation. Congrats to the newest group PhD Dr. Razgoniaev!

Oct. 19; Congrats to Travis for winning a Best Poster award at the Michigan Macromolecular Symposium.

August 14; Anton’s paper is published in ACS Macro Letters!

June 15; We are looking for a postdoctoral scholar to join our lab

May 22; Welcome Jacob and Zach to the lab! They will be doing undergraduate research with us this summer.

May 5; Check out some of the beautiful chemistry going on in our lab

Mar. 13; Anton is awarded an ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry travel award. Congrats!

Feb. 27; Our lab is profiled in the Toledo Blade

Feb.16; Read about our lab’s grants for making new photoresponsive materials.

Feb. 6 ; Our lab receives an ACS Herman Frasch Foundation award

Jan. 27; Dr. Ostrowski is awarded an NSF CAREER grant


Dec. 19; Dr. Ostrowski is named an Emerging Investigator in Photochemistry and Photophysics by ACS publications.

Dec. 16; Congratulations to Dr. Giuseppe Giammanco, first group PhD!

Dec. 14; Travis completes his 2nd year exam. Congratulations!

Dec. 6; Congratulations Jayan for completing his 2nd year exam!

Sept. 5; Kirill and Ivan return to Saint Petersburg. We wish them luck!

July 7; Congrats to Anton Razgoniaev, winner of the 2016-2017 McMaster graduate Fellowship!

June 27; Welcome Kirill Mikhailov and Ivan Mosiagin, summer interns from Saint Petersburg State University!

May 25; 2 group papers are published! check out Anton’s paper in Inorganic Chemistry and Giuseppe’s paper in ACS AMI!

April 12; Congrats to Giuseppe, winner of the Shanklin Award for Research Excellence!

April 7; Giuseppe participates in The Hatch and receives investment in his company!

April 1; Bethany and Jackson are both awarded summer research fellowships!

Jan. 13; New undergraduate student Bethany Abbott joins the group!


Dec. 11; Welcome new PhD students Travis and Jayan to the group!

Oct. 29; Anton has advanced to PhD candidacy. Congratulations!

Sept. 15; Kirill returns to Saint Petersburg. Good luck on your studies this year!

Aug. 25; New undergraduate student Jackson joins the lab. Welcome!

Aug. 8; Dayana graduated today with a Masters in Chemistry. Congratulations and good luck!

Jul 6.; Giuseppe’s paper on Photo-patterned gels is published in Chemistry of Materials

Jul. 1; Kirill arrives from Saint Petersburg to spend the summer with us.

Jun. 26; Anton’s paper with Zamkov’s group is accepted in J. Phys. Chem. C.

Jun. 23; Dayana successfully defends her Master’s thesis.

May 11; Welcome Joshua to the group! He has a summer research fellowship through CURS.

May 9; Jon and Chris are awarded B.S. degrees in Chemistry as part of the class of 2015.  Congratulations on their graduation!

Apr. 30; Chris received a summer research internship at NYU.

Apr. 23; Giuseppe was awarded a 2015-2016 McMaster travel award. Congratulations!

Mar. 27; Giuseppe passed his proposal exam. Congratulations!

Mar. 24; Congratulations Anton on winning 3rd place paper at the Shanklin Research Colloquium

Jan. 29; Giuseppe and Chris talk about their paper on Fe-polysaccharide materials.

Jan. 20; Welcome Erin to the group!

Jan. 16; Jon, Anton, and Megan’s paper on nitric oxide releasing composites is accepted in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences. Congratulations!

Jan. 2; Congratulations to Giuseppe and Chris! Their paper is accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!


Nov. 17; Congratulations Anton! His paper with Zamkov group is published in ACS Nano!

Nov. 3rd; congratulations Dayana on her FIRST group publication in Structure and Bonding.

Oct. 30th; Congratulations Giuseppe on receiving the Best Poster award at the International Symposium on Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Oct. 23rd; Anton, Dayana, and Giuseppe give posters at the Michigan Macromolecular Symposium

Sept. 5th; Welcome CJ to the group!

Sept. 5th; Summer intern Filipp returns to St. Petersburg.

Aug. 28; Check out Jon and Chris talking about their research!

Jun. 30; Summer intern Filipp joins us from St. Petersburg State University.

May 16; Congratulations everyone on great presentations for the Ohio Photochemical Society meeting (OoPS)

Apr. 21; Congratulations to Chris and Jon for receiving summer research fellowships through CURS!

Apr. 17;  Congratulations to Giuseppe for the 1st place paper award and Dayana for 2nd place poster award at the Shanklin Research Colloquium

Apr. 16; Happy 1st Birthday Ostrowski lab!


Oct. 24; Congratulations Giuseppe on a poster award at the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Symposium at the University of Michigan

Sept. 24; Congratulations Jon on being awarded a Choose Ohio First Scholarship!

Aug. 27;  Welcome Chris to the group!

Aug. 6; Farewell to Megan and good luck!

Jun. 19; Welcome Dayana to the group!

May 6; Welcome Jon to the group!

Apr. 23;  Dr. Ostrowski is awarded a “Building Strength” grant from BGSU.

Apr. 16; Lab renovations are finally complete!

Mar. 25; Congrats to Giuseppe, Megan, and Anton on giving great proposal presentations at group meeting!


Dec. 15; Anton, Giuseppe, and Megan join the group!

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