Jun. 17; Congrats to Ankit! His first first-author paper is accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Apr. 21; Watch lab member Cori Byrge present at The Hatch tonight!

Apr. 9; Congratulations to Kalani for the Jill Carr Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

Apr. 8; Congratulations to Carina on a 1st place paper award at the Shanklin Symposium!

Apr. 5; Governor DeWine visits BGSU and learns about our hydrogel materials.

Jan. 14; Our lab’s first all-women author paper is now available online in ACS Applied Polymer Materials.


Dec. 23; Congrats to grad student Cori Byrge who was selected as a 2022 Hatchling.

Dec. 20; Congrats to Carina, her first-author paper on V coordination in polysaccharide films is accepted in ACS Applied Polymer Materials.

Dec. 17; Congrats to group member Hope Brown who graduated with a BS in Biochemistry!

Dec. 7; Dr. Ostrowski presents IP for Ohio Pitch X.

Dec. 3; Welcome new group member Shabna to the group!

June 24; Our newest paper in collaboration with the Keleher Research group is available online in ACS Applied Bio Materials

May 30; Welcome new lab group member Irene!

Apr. 13; Kalani has been awarded the BGSU Outstanding RA Award. Congratulations to Kalani!

March 19 Congrats to undergrad Hope Brown who has been awarded a summer research fellowship!

Feb. 11; Our paper is now available online in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences

Jan. 21; The USDA SBIR grant to our collaborators is recommended for funding!


Dec. 30; Our paper is accepted for publication in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences

Sept 3; Undergrad Hope receives a CURS grant for her research. Congratulations Hope!

Sept 2; Jayan and Kerri’s paper is published online!

Aug. 20; Congrats to Dr. Karunarathna and former undergrad Kerri Bailey on their paper accepted in ACS Omega!

July 8; Our lab is officially back up and running.. just a little more socially distant.

May 15; Congratulations to both Dr. Jayan Karunarathna and Dr. Travis Green on their official graduation! PhDone!

May 6; Congrats to group member Carina Haddad who is now a PhD candidate after passing her preliminary exam.

Apr. 10; Learn more about our research on “A Phosphate fix”

Apr. 7; Congratulations to the now Dr. Travis Green and Dr. Jayan Karunarathna on their successful dissertation defenses.

Mar. 30; Our research is featured in the Toledo Blade!

Mar. 13; Our lab is officially closed due to COVID-19 lockdown. Stay safe everyone!

Mar. 3; Welcome new research assistant Cori Byrge to the group!

Jan. 28: We welcome new group member, Undergrad Hope Brown.

Jan. 13; Travis’s paper on “Invisibility cloaks and hot reactions..” is now available online.


Dec. 29: Travis’s paper is accepted for publication in J.Chem.Ed!

Dec. 15; Congratulations to Derek who graduates with a BS degree in Chemistry.

Nov. 6; Our recent publication is selected as a Front Cover of the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry.

Oct. 24; Jayan receives the PPG Best Poster award at the Michigan Macromolecular Symposium!

Oct. 14; Jayan is selected as the student speaker at the 43rd Michigan Macromolecular Symposium.

Aug 15; Jayan’s paper is published online. Congrats to him and all the undergrad student authors, especially Zach and Kerri!

May 17; Undergrad Kerri Bailey graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Congrats!

April 18; Jayan wins 1st place poster award and Travis wins 3rd place poster award at the BGSU Shanklin Symposium.

Apr 16; Congratulations to undergrad Derek Mast on receiving a Department of Chemistry summer undergrad research fellowship

Jan 28; Welcome undergrad Derek to the group!


Aug. 27;  Dr. Ostrowski is officially promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure!

June 15; Postdoc Dr. Amie Norton’s photo on Everyday Fluorescence is featured for #FluorescenceFriday

April 25;  Undergrad Kerri Bailey is awarded a CURS summer research fellowship

April 9; BGSU awards Dr. Ostrowski with the Outstanding Early Career Award.

April 6; Grad student Jayan Karunarathna was accepted to the ACS Green Chemistry summer school.

Feb. 28; Dr. Ostrowski’s Chemistry in Pictures “Crystal Landscape” wins Grand prize.

Jan 20; Congrats Anton, Kirill and Filipp. Their paper is accepted in the Journal of Polymer Science Polymer Chemistry

Jan 10; Welcome the newest group members graduate student Carina and undergrad Kerri to the lab


Dec. 1; Welcome our new postdoc to the lab, Dr. Amie Norton

Nov. 10; Anton defends his dissertation. Congrats to the newest group PhD Dr. Razgoniaev!

Oct. 19; Congrats to Travis for winning a Best Poster award at the Michigan Macromolecular Symposium.

August 14; Anton’s paper is published in ACS Macro Letters!

June 15; We are looking for a postdoctoral scholar to join our lab

May 22; Welcome Jacob and Zach to the lab! They will be doing undergraduate research with us this summer.

May 5; Check out some of the beautiful chemistry going on in our lab

Mar. 13; Anton is awarded an ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry travel award. Congrats!

Feb. 27; Our lab is profiled in the Toledo Blade

Feb.16; Read about our lab’s grants for making new photoresponsive materials.

Feb. 6 ; Our lab receives an ACS Herman Frasch Foundation award

Jan. 27; Dr. Ostrowski is awarded an NSF CAREER grant


Dec. 19; Dr. Ostrowski is named an Emerging Investigator in Photochemistry and Photophysics by ACS publications.

Dec. 16; Congratulations to Dr. Giuseppe Giammanco, first group PhD!

Dec. 14; Travis completes his 2nd year exam. Congratulations!

Dec. 6; Congratulations Jayan for completing his 2nd year exam!

Sept. 5; Kirill and Ivan return to Saint Petersburg. We wish them luck!

July 7; Congrats to Anton Razgoniaev, winner of the 2016-2017 McMaster graduate Fellowship!

June 27; Welcome Kirill Mikhailov and Ivan Mosiagin, summer interns from Saint Petersburg State University!

May 25; 2 group papers are published! check out Anton’s paper in Inorganic Chemistry and Giuseppe’s paper in ACS AMI!

April 12; Congrats to Giuseppe, winner of the Shanklin Award for Research Excellence!

April 7; Giuseppe participates in The Hatch and receives investment in his company!

April 1; Bethany and Jackson are both awarded summer research fellowships!

Jan. 13; New undergraduate student Bethany Abbott joins the group!


Dec. 11; Welcome new PhD students Travis and Jayan to the group!

Oct. 29; Anton has advanced to PhD candidacy. Congratulations!

Sept. 15; Kirill returns to Saint Petersburg. Good luck on your studies this year!

Aug. 25; New undergraduate student Jackson joins the lab. Welcome!

Aug. 8; Dayana graduated today with a Masters in Chemistry. Congratulations and good luck!

Jul 6.; Giuseppe’s paper on Photo-patterned gels is published in Chemistry of Materials

Jul. 1; Kirill arrives from Saint Petersburg to spend the summer with us.

Jun. 26; Anton’s paper with Zamkov’s group is accepted in J. Phys. Chem. C.

Jun. 23; Dayana successfully defends her Master’s thesis.

May 11; Welcome Joshua to the group! He has a summer research fellowship through CURS.

May 9; Jon and Chris are awarded B.S. degrees in Chemistry as part of the class of 2015.  Congratulations on their graduation!

Apr. 30; Chris received a summer research internship at NYU.

Apr. 23; Giuseppe was awarded a 2015-2016 McMaster travel award. Congratulations!

Mar. 27; Giuseppe passed his proposal exam. Congratulations!

Mar. 24; Congratulations Anton on winning 3rd place paper at the Shanklin Research Colloquium

Jan. 29; Giuseppe and Chris talk about their paper on Fe-polysaccharide materials.

Jan. 20; Welcome Erin to the group!

Jan. 16; Jon, Anton, and Megan’s paper on nitric oxide releasing composites is accepted in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences. Congratulations!

Jan. 2; Congratulations to Giuseppe and Chris! Their paper is accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!


Nov. 17; Congratulations Anton! His paper with Zamkov group is published in ACS Nano!

Nov. 3rd; congratulations Dayana on her FIRST group publication in Structure and Bonding.

Oct. 30th; Congratulations Giuseppe on receiving the Best Poster award at the International Symposium on Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Oct. 23rd; Anton, Dayana, and Giuseppe give posters at the Michigan Macromolecular Symposium

Sept. 5th; Welcome CJ to the group!

Sept. 5th; Summer intern Filipp returns to St. Petersburg.

Aug. 28; Check out Jon and Chris talking about their research!

Jun. 30; Summer intern Filipp joins us from St. Petersburg State University.

May 16; Congratulations everyone on great presentations for the Ohio Photochemical Society meeting (OoPS)

Apr. 21; Congratulations to Chris and Jon for receiving summer research fellowships through CURS!

Apr. 17;  Congratulations to Giuseppe for the 1st place paper award and Dayana for 2nd place poster award at the Shanklin Research Colloquium

Apr. 16; Happy 1st Birthday Ostrowski lab!


Oct. 24; Congratulations Giuseppe on a poster award at the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Symposium at the University of Michigan

Sept. 24; Congratulations Jon on being awarded a Choose Ohio First Scholarship!

Aug. 27;  Welcome Chris to the group!

Aug. 6; Farewell to Megan and good luck!

Jun. 19; Welcome Dayana to the group!

May 6; Welcome Jon to the group!

Apr. 23;  Dr. Ostrowski is awarded a “Building Strength” grant from BGSU.

Apr. 16; Lab renovations are finally complete!

Mar. 25; Congrats to Giuseppe, Megan, and Anton on giving great proposal presentations at group meeting!


Dec. 15; Anton, Giuseppe, and Megan join the group!