Outreach & Education

All of our outreach and educational activities are focused on creating place-based learning experiences. This means teaching and learning about what you encounter in your everyday life.


Want to learn more about excited states? Or the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence? Find out about our “Everyday fluorescence” activities. 


We use polysaccharides like alginate and pectin to create our photoresponsive materials. We are working with students to isolate other biopolymers from local plants. For example we have worked with HS students in Hawai’i to isolate polysaccharides from Noni fruit.

If you are interested in working with our lab to isolate other biopolymers, please contact us!

IR Thermography

We’ve created lab activities that take advantage of IR cameras to visualize heat transfer during chemical reactions. Follow @IRChemEd on twitter to learn more!


We work with photochemical reactions involving transition metal complexes. Check out some of our recent science art