Polymers + Photochemistry

Dynamics and photochemistry in metallopolymer materials

We are creating supramolecular materials that rely on metal-coordination bonding interactions to give them unique photochemistry and mechanical properties.  This project is currently focused on understanding how bonding dynamics and photoreactivity influence bulk mechanical properties. This project is funded by the NSF.

Biogeochemistry of Fe(III)-polysaccharide hydrogels

In collaboration with BGSU’s Great Lakes Center for Freshwaters and Human Health, we are investigating the biogeochemistry of Fe(III)-polysaccharide hydrogels in both soil and water, including how they can be used for recycling of nutrients like phosphate to prevent nutrient run-off. This project is funded by the ACS Herman Frasch Foundation.

Photoresponsive bioinorganic materials from sustainable feedstocks

We are currently working to use plant-derived polymers-specifically those typically thought of as waste products- and metal coordination bonding, to create new materials with advanced mechanical properties (stiffness, elasticity) that mimic the hierarchical structure found in nature. We are designing these materials to be robust enough for packaging, but biodegradable enough to decompose completely in a landfill or compost conditions.


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